Loving Us Some @cabinlove

Loving Us Some @cabinlove

The wonderful thing about Instagram is that it give us, as viewers, instant access to firsthand experiences from all over the world. Things that we might not be able to experience on a semi-regular basis, we now get to view from the ease of our smartphones with the swipe of a finger. One such Instagram account is @cabinlove, which boasts an impressive 73k followers at the time of this post. The curators of the account collect imagery of beautiful cabins, from the completely rustic to outright luxurious, from all over the world. Certainly in the Pacific Northwest we have amazing access to the wilderness and our pick of excellent cabins, but I’m not sure we have isolated cabins on middle-of-nowhere islands (or maybe we do?). Anyhow, if you are not a subscriber, we highly recommend you head over to Instagram and follow @cabinlove for some immediate cabin wonder lust.

Can you see it? @runhumans #iceland #cabinlove #eyespy #farfaraway

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I might go on a cabin posting binge cause, well, why not? Thanks to @fenrirbrooklyn for number one. A photo posted by Cabin Love (@cabinlove) on

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