What Every Web Designer Should Learn From

What Every Web Designer Should Learn From

Most who pay attention to the news have heard by now the great debacle that is, the Obama administration’s website for people to sign up for individualized healthcare. The site, which was built by an independent contractor hired by the administration, has experienced multiple launch issues, crashes, bugs, revamps, and headaches. Here are a few things every web designer could learn from this horrific experience:

1. Always test your site before launch.

Why wasn’t the site tested before it went live? With so many variables and unique users, the site should have been thoroughly tested, both by the web development team as well as an outside party for ease of use and site efficiency. The answer most likely has to do with lesson number two…

2. Properly manage client expectations.

With the rush to develop quickly and meet absurd deadlines, it’s understandable that many of the kinks weren’t worked out. It’s our job as service providers to properly manage the expectations of our clients. Yes, we must be understanding of deadlines, but it is crucial for us to communicate with them the nature of our work and the pitfalls of rushing something to market without being sufficiently tested first. And our final lesson…

3. Never do business with the government.

Need I say more?

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